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Manga Studio Brushes Update!

by Paolo Limoncelli on 30 June 2014, 2 comments

A FREE update for DAUB Brush Set and Dry Media owners!

Added two new brushes for each set!

DAUB | brushes33
Purchasers of Super Bundle will receive all 4 brushes!


Bristle Ink brush

No texture here! Sensitive to pressure, velocity and tilt!

DAUB | brushes33

Bristle Dry brush

Texture free but grainy look! Smooth grain for low pressure and sharper for high pressure levels!

DAUB | brushes34

Fast Shading brush

Tip based, low size variation on pressure, super fast great for shading and simulate color pencils.

DAUB | brushes35

Pastel Rake

Three strokes in one, pressure sensitive, great for cross-hatching!

DAUB | brushes36



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