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Fauve Matisse

by Paolo Limoncelli on 8 May 2018, no comments

The natural media software without ERASER!

by Fauve Software


I want to share the little story behind this application I discovered in 1996.
The year before, after about one month of summer work, I decided to burn out part of earned money in a Wacom ArtPad II, my very first graphic tablet.
Printed on the back of the package there was a tiny picture showing a Program Manager folder (Win 3.11) with the icons of various common graphic applications: Photoshop, Photostyler etc… But was the Fauve Matisse icon to spot my curiosity.
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DAUB Brushes Website update

by Paolo Limoncelli on 23 February 2017, no comments

The new DAUB website is online!

3 years passed since its first publication and lots of things changed in the meantime.

Today DAUB aims to be a reference for natural media tools across the professional applications available.

You’ll find all my sets sets for Clip Studio Paint, Affinity range and, right after a great number of requests Procreate.

A huge thanks to all the artists who supported me and gave their feedbacks to improve any aspect of this project.

A small review of Affinity Designer

by Paolo Limoncelli on 27 December 2014, no comments

I’ve been starting a collaboration with Serif for the Affinity product line since October. The first application released has been Affinity Designer, and I can say fearlessly that it is the best combination of vector/raster tools ever made.


A watercolour painting done from scratch entirely in Affinity Designer. Brushes used here are designed by me and will be released with Affinity Photo.

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Daub-brushes.com just launched!

by Paolo Limoncelli on 13 October 2014, 2 comments

Just launched the dedicated website for DAUB stuff!



I’ve decided to collect all strokes sheets and samples in a dedicated place, in order to keep this blog for tutorials, upgrades and anything else…

The website integrates gumroad so youl’ll be able to complete purchases safely within the same place!

A complete redesign and cleanup of all sets will follow shortly!