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DAUB Joyful Bristle set for Manga Studio

by Paolo Limoncelli on 18 August 2014, no comments

A new approach to emulate bristles in Manga Studio

Joyful Bristle is a set of 28 brushes designed to mimic the behaviour of real bristles. Each stroke has unique pigment deposition, to achieve great randomness and natural results, for a great painting experience.


Using a combination of the powerful brush engine of Manga Studio and captured stuff I’ve designed a tool in which fibers create a randomic but natural pigment deposition.

Oil, Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic and Dry Ink



I’ve included both versions… 🙂

Performances are a bit faster than traditional nib-repetition approach.

Each tool have some specific parameters in the Tool Property palette for quick customization: you can choose level of Antialias, color mix etc…

Get it here!

Some samples…



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