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Markers for Manga Studio

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Daub Markers

A New Set for Manga Studio, 8 fine tools!

After DAUB | Brush Set a new one for Manga Studio 5 and Clip Studio Paint Pro/EX!
The whole set is designed to deliver fast performance and professional results.
Strokes are captured from real media and fine tuned to work seamless with Celsys/Smithmicro software.
promoBadge markers

The set includes 8 fine tuned markers which emulates Copic and Tombow behavior  for only 2.50 Euro!

All brushes feature custom curve settings for pressure/tilt/rotation sensitive tablets, results are natural and responsive.

Wet and Dry Copic Broad Chisel Tip

Large chisel markers with different ink behavior, tip based with ink persistence and axis rotation.

DAUB | brushes13 DAUB | brushes14

Wet and Dry Copic Brush Tip

The other side of the famous marker… In both flavours too!

DAUB | brushes15 DAUB | brushes16

Tombow Brush Tip

Tip based, with tilt and pressure perfect shaped curves

DAUB | brushes19

Tombow Brush Tip

Ribbon based, so useful for large areas

DAUB | brushes18

Tombow Blender Brush Tip

The white one… Tilt it for large bleeding!

DAUB | brushes17

Generic Exausted Marker

A nightmare for designers… But fun in digital context!

DAUB | brushes20



promoBadge markers

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