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Dry Media Brushes for Manga Studio 5

by Paolo Limoncelli on 8 June 2014, one comment


UPDATED! A New Set for Manga Studio, 26 Dry Media brushes!

After DAUB | Brush Set a new one for Manga Studio 5 and Clip Studio Paint Pro/EX!
This set is handcrafted from real media captures, fine tuned with professional artists and illustrators’ support.
Each tool has high resolution nibs and fluid, responsive behaviour .

The set includes 20 fine tuned chalks/pastels which mimic real ones for only 4 Euro!


All brushes feature custom curve settings for pressure/tilt/rotation sensitive tablets, results are grunge, natural and responsive.


14/07/2014 – Update!

6 New SUPER DRY inkers and an update for Chalk One


21/07/2014 – Update!

4 New TEXTURE FREE burshes


Real Chalks

Carbon Coal stick and an old school one, both dense and gritty, with tilting features

DAUB | brushes21

DAUB | brushes22


Wax, Oil, Grease and a NotSoDry one… 🙂

DAUB | brushes23

DAUB | brushes24



DAUB | brushes28
DAUB | brushes30DAUB | brushes29

Brush Chalks

Chalk dust on bristles, great to add texture, a dense solid pigment stroke and a super fast sketch brush, great for drafting!

DAUB | brushes27DAUB | brushes25DAUB | brushes31



Let’s make some mess

Take a large dry brush and spread dust!

DAUB | brushes32

And more!

Searching for more brushes?

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